Travel Insurance

Whether you are travelling domestically, internationally, for the first time or one of many trips AIG has Travel Insurance for you.

Depending on which insurance you choose, you will have peace of mind for a multitude of situations that can happen when you are travelling, be it lost luggage, hire car damage, sickness, cancellation and travel agent fees and even loss of income due to transport delays.*

Travel Insurance Products

Domestic Travellers

Our Domestic Travel Insurance policy is designed for travellers who are under 70 and includes comprehensive travel insurance benefits.

International Travellers

Our International Travel Insurance is available for those under 70 and includes comprehensive benefits.

Frequent Travellers

Our Frequent Traveller policy is available for those aged 69 and under and who take multiple trips annually.

Travellers Aged Over 70

Our 70+ Traveller policy provides International and Domestic Travel Insurance options for travellers aged between 70 and 84.

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Here are some important things to remember to help keep you safe and informed whilst travelling:

  • Always refer to before you travel
  • Take a copy of your passport with you when sightseeing and leave your passport in a safe and secure place
  • Avoid demonstrations or political rallies
  • Never carry large amounts of cash on you
  • Don’t get distracted by your electronic devices
  • For any losses contact either the police, hotel or airline to lodge a formal report